Welcome to The Hostel!

Thank you for choosing us for your stay in Edinburgh! Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following Hostel rules and policies:

– Your key-card will provide 24/7 access to your room and to the main Hostel entrance. Please be aware there is a £5 fee for all non-returned/replacement cards, and that key-cards may de-activate if they touch a mobile phone.

– Please choose any bed in your room that does not have a white bottom sheet and has a clean duvet and pillow folded at the end. After making the bottom sheet please also leave a non-valuable item (i.e. t-shirt or hat) on your bed during your stay to ensure all other guests and house-keepers can clearly see the bed is occupied.

– On the morning of your checkout please return your bottom white sheet to reception (along with your key-card) by 11:00. Guest checking out before 8:00 should leave their key-card and bottom white sheet in the silver box and black laundry bin outside the lounge prior to departure.

– Reception, the lounge, and the kitchen are open from 8:00 until 23:00 every day. Please ensure you tidy up any chairs/dishes/glasses immediately after use, guest who repeatedly fail to wash up/tidy the kitchen after use may be banned from using the facilities and ultimately may be asked to leave the Hostel.

GOLDEN RULE: Please leave the communal areas how you would like to find the communal areas.

– Whilst reception closes at 23:00, a member of staff is always available overnight for EMERGENCIES (keycards not working/ disturbances within the dormitories/ medical emergencies) – please use the front-door buzzer for service. Please note there is a £5 non-emergency fee for all improper uses of the buzzer after 23:00. – Complimentary Wifi is available throughout the Hostel communal areas. Please connect to any devices labelled as “Hostel” (eg. Hostel EXT, Hostel 5G) using the password outside the reception and lounge doors.

– Continental breakfast is available for £3 per person and is served in the mornings from 8:00-10:00, and Towel Hire and Laundry Services are available at reception for £1 per towel and £4 for wash and dry.

We hope you enjoy your stay!